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Chen-Pang Chou

Combustion Modeling Laboratory
65 Hesse Hall
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of California
Berkeley, CA, 94720-1740

Research Projects

I. Bunsen Flame Simulation
two-dimensional simulations and NOx emission predictions of "dual-flame" Bunsen flames using a flamelet library

II. Methane/Air Catalytic Combustion on a Platinum Surface
  • two-dimensional simulations of CH4 catalytic combustion inside a honeycomb reactor using a multistep surface reaction mechanism
  • a multistep surface mechanism for methane oxidation on platinum

III. Other projects
  • Triple flames
  • 1-D Moving Mesh
  • 1-D Turbulent Opposed-Jet Flame Simulations -
    • Assumed pdf + k-e model + Scalar EQ
    • Assumed pdf + Reynolds Stress Model + Scalar EQ + Scalar flux EQ + Scalar dissipation rate EQ
  • 2-D transient flames with detailed chemistry
    IV. Future plans.....
    • Parallel Computing
    • Large Eddy Simulations/Direct Numerical Simulations
    • Applications of AI in combustion problems

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