Combustion Modeling Lab at UC Berkeley

Current Research

Automation of reduced chemical mechanism development by the Computer Assisted Reduction Method (CARM)

Yulin Chen (CML)


The Computer Assisted Reduction Method (CARM) developed by Professor Jyh-Yuan Chen's research group is a package for automatically reducing chemical kinetic models involving the graph-based (DRG-based and DRGEP-based) methods, Target Search Algorithm (TSA), Quasi-Steady-State-Assumption (QSSA) approach, etc.

The current research is to develop automatic chemical kinetic model reduction schemes for engine combustion simulation with high accuracy and efficiency. The improved aspects involve: 1) definition of pairwise species relation, graph search algirithms, number of sampled detailed chemistry information, target conditions and target searched species in graph-based methods; 2) automatically retain flame speed related chemistry together with ignition delay targets by combining a flame speed sensitivity analysis with other improved reduction schemes. Then development of skeletal and reduced chemical kinetic models is implemented for wide ranges of transportation fuels regarding both ignition delay and flame speed targets at engine operating conditions.

Engine combustion modesAn improved automated reduction methodology for both laminar flame and auto-ignition.

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