Combustion Modeling Lab at UC Berkeley

Former Graduate Students

Santiago Mejia

M.S. Thesis Title: An analysis for modeling the ignition of methane and air under an applied electric field (2018)

Sirui Fu

M.S. Thesis Title: Plasma assisted combustion simulation with a look up table (2018)

Jorge Moreno

M.S. Thesis Title: Effects of temperature and equivalence ratio gradients on hydrogen-air detonations (2017)

Xian Shi

M.S. Thesis Title: Fuel-dithering Optimization of TWC Efficiency on Natural Gas IC Engines (2014)
Ph.D. Thesis Title: Fundamental Processes in Combustion of Stratified Mixtures (2017)

Daniel I. Pineda

M.S. Thesis Title: Modeling biomass gasification surface reactions: the effect of hydrogen inhibition (2014)
Ph.D. Thesis Title: Advanced ignition for automotive engines (2017)

Yulin Chen

M.S. Thesis Title: Towards improved automatic chemical kinetic model reduction and application for gasoline surrogates (2017)

Tiernan Casey

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Electric field effects in combustion with non-thermal plasma (2016)

Yumin Huang

M.S. Thesis Title: Dynamic Behavior of Three-way Catalyst to Variations in Equivalence Ratio (2015)

Colin Hurlbut

M.S. Thesis Title: Characterization of the Spray Angle and Penetration Depth of Helium-Argon Jets (2015)

Terry L. McCullum, Jr.

M.S. Thesis Title: Numerical Analysis of Flame Propagation in Stratified Hydrogen-Air Mixtures (2015)

Benjamin Wolk

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Fundamental Interactions in Gasoline Compression Ignition Engines with Fuel Stratification (2014)

Don (Romy) Frederick

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Numerical Investigations of a Hydrogen Jet Flame in a Vitiated Coflow (2013)

Anthony DeFilippo

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Microwave-Assisted Ignition for Improved Internal Combustion Engine Efficiency (2013)

Gregory Chin

M.S. Thesis Title: Development and Validation of a Reduced DME Mechanism Applicable to Various Combustion Modes in Internal Combustion Engines (2012)

Li-Chun (Ricky) Chien

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Assessment of Reduced Mechanisms Using One Dimensional Stochastic Turbulence Model (2010)

Nicholas DeForest

M.S. Thesis Title: Refinement of five-component gasoline surrogate model for HCCI applications (2009)

Yuk Fai Tham

M.S. Thesis Title: Improvements in Skeletal Mechanism Generation and in In-Situ Adaptive Tabulation (2003)
Ph.D. Thesis Title: ISAT, Development of skeletal and reduced chemistry (2007)

Fabrizio Bisetti

Ph.D. Thesis Title: LES of turbulent flames with Joint PDF Apprach (2007)

John Chen

M.S. Thesis Title: Experimental Exploration of Small 2-Stroke Engines under HCCI (2003)
Ph.D. Thesis Title: Integration, Improvement, and Validation of the ACID Model in KIVA3V CFD: Simulation for Predicting SOC in HCCI Engines (2006)

Young Choi

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Prediction of the Start-of-Combustion by Using Artificial Neural Network and Ignition Delay (2005)

Francis P. Kelly

MSE Project Title: Fuel Rich Combustion of a Syngas-air Mixture on a Platinum Catalytic Combustion (2004)

Adhi D. Permana

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Adaptive Monte Carlo Methods for PDF Modeling of Opposed Jet Reacting Flows (2003)

Pamela Goyal

M.S. Project Title: Development of Skeletal Chemistry Mechanisms for Combustion Modeling - A study of current methods (2002)

Qianlong Liu

MSE Project Title: Inviscid Instability Analysis of Triple Flames (2002)

Zheng Wang

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Numerical Modeling of Chemistry, Turbulent Mixing and Aerosol Dynamics in Near-Field Aircraft Plumes (1998)

Chen-Pang Chou

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Numerical Studies of Methane-Air Combustion in Homogeneous and Hetrogeneous Systems with Detailed Chemistry (1998)

Rebecca Arlene Varela

M.S. Thesis Title: Numerical Investigation of Curvature and Stretch Effects on Premixed Flames (1997)

Ryan A. Noguchi

M.S. Thesis Title: Flow Reactor Experiments and Numerical Modeling of Natural Gas Combustion Catalyzed by Supported Platinum (1996)

Wei-Chen Chang

Ph.D. Thesis Title: Modeling of NOx Formation in Turbulent Flames- Development Mechanisms and Mixing Models (1995)