Combustion Modeling Lab at UC Berkeley

Current Research

Hydrogen Jet Flames

Don Frederick (CML)

Andrew North (CAL)

In conjuction with SINTEF Energy


The stability and liftoff characteristics of a nitrogen diluted hydrgen jet flame in a vitiated co-flow is investigated experimentally and numerically. Stability regimes diagrams have been experimentally developed, which outline the conditions under which the flame is attached, lifted, unsteady, and blown out. The stability of the flame was investigated with a numerical model, the results of which elucidate the mechanisms which govern flame stabilization. The lifted regime was further characterized, to determe the liftoff height dependence on nitrogen dilution, jet velocity, and co-flow equivalence ratio (or equivalently, co-flow temperature). Liftoff heights predicted by a semi-empircal model and numerical model were unable to correctly capture the experimental trend. Experimental data was then plotted against the Damkohler number, showing that under all conditions, there is a strong correspondence between Damkohler number and liftoff height.